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Industry Only Capped Price Service

Always ready to set the standards, LPGas Conversions Lilydale is proud to announce ANOTHER INDUSTRY FIRST with Price Capped Service during the enitre warranty period of your gas conversion.

Price Capped Service is unique to the Gas Conversion Industry and something we are very excited to offer our Customers .

It's simple, as soon as your car is converted to gas  you are registered in our Capped Price Servicing during the entire period of your 100,000km 3 year warranty, however we've gone one step further! In addition to the benefits and savings of Price Capped Servicing on your gas system you will be eligible to a 10% discount on ANY other work or Service (inc parts & labour) to your vehicle during that same warranty period!  Save money and time, just another way we like to show our committment to customer service.