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Home of the Original LPGAS1 Lilydale

"You can't build a reputation on what your going to do" - Henry Ford

Our Story................

October 12th 2009 was settlement day for the staff who took control of their own destiny by purchasing the LPGAS1 Lilydale plant & equipment.  With a focus on customer service the staff combined two locations in Industry Crt, put everyone under the same roof and re-named the business LPGas Conversions Lilydale.
                                                           •Still the same staff
                                                           •Still the same address
                                                           •Focus on customer service           

LPGas Conversions Lilydale has been located in Industry Court Lilydale for over 27 years. This history combined with our committment to continue providing the same level of outstanding service for another 27 years, ensures you can be confident that we can provide what you need, when you need it.

In November 2011 we got our name LPGAS1 back!

We know your car
It's comforting to know that your vehicle is being attended to by the same mechanical team time after time. We know the history of your vehicle and take particular care to retain these records for the future.

We know the best Gas Conversion Systems
With over 65,000 conversions under our belt we know the best system for your vehicle.  We know what works and what doesn't. Combine that with our committment to provide the BEST option for your vehicle and you know you're getting the right information every time.

Our Service
LPGas Conversions Lilydale has set the industry standard in Gas Conversions and also cares for all other aspects of your vehicles general repairs and maintenance, including handbook servicing.  Our mechanical team is so well regarded within the industry that other professionals call for advice and technical information on a regular basis.  Our Technicans are confident with a variety of vehicles, having built up experience, skills and expertise enabling us to commission the most effective LPG system for your car.

Our Customer Service:
Our customer focused waiting room and friendly staff reflect our committment to outstanding customer service.  At Lpgas Conversions Lilydale we understand that Customers are our best asset and enjoy providing the best customer service in the Industry.

Phone: (03) 9735 1600